Tues, June 18 start the UCSA Conference with the Temple! Attend any temple at any time, or meet at 6 pm in the Provo Temple for a session or sealings. A free Mingle will be held at 800 S 800 E in Orem from 8-10 pm, south building cultural hall.

PROVO Temple Night
6:30 pm Each Wednesday

Be dressed and ready by 6:30 and meet in the chapel to attend the 7:00 pm session together as a group.

PAYSON Temple Sealings

Saturday, June 29.
Enjoy a heart-warming breakfast at 8 am on the last Saturday of each month at the church building next to the Payson Temple, followed by participating together for Sealings after breakfast. Sponsored by the Payson Coordinating Council.


The choir is rehearsing a selection to sing for the UCSA Conference in June, as well as music for the upcoming Pops Concert to be held later this summer.

All Single Adults age 31+ that love to sing, want to make friends, share their talents, and worship through music are invited to join!
New members of all voice parts (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) are welcome.

UCSA Choir weekly rehearsals begin at 5:30 pm on Sunday evenings at the following locations:

1st Sunday: 75 E 700 N, Orem
2nd Sunday: 1050 W 1600 N, Orem
3rd Sunday: 80 W 900 S, Orem
4th Sunday:
1546 N 1100 W, Orem
5th Sunday: 1340 W 1600 N, Provo

The Utah County Single Adult Choir performs concert firesides each year for Christmas and Easter, plus a Pops Concert of show tunes in August. All choir concert firesides are free and open to the general public to allow family and friends of the choir to attend.


on July 5 in Orem.
Dance Instruction
is held from 8-9 pm
Dance is 9 to Midnight
Cost $5 per person.

1st Friday Dance Location:
481 East Center in Orem

Utah County Single Adults sponsor two dances a month, held on the first and third Friday unless otherwise posted. Some special occasion dances for General Conference and holidays may also be scheduled. Mid-Single Adults age 31-45 are welcome. As with all UCSA activities, church standards of dress and behavior apply.

“…whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy is he.”

~Proverbs 16:20


4th Sunday Fireside
June 23 at 7 pm

Bruce Newbold, Latter-day Saint Actor and Writer
Bruce Newbold has had a long, successful film career in movies and television. He has worked as an actor, writer, and media producer and appeared in official church films and other productions about church history. Brother Newbold has also been on stage in various productions at Brigham Young University and at the Sundance Theatre. He has written four books and a number of screenplays. Brother Newbold and his wife Lisa live in Utah. They are the parents of five children and twelve grandchildren.

800 South 800 East in Orem

2nd Sunday Fireside
July 14 at 7 pm

Matt Weirich, Falling Into A Miracle

As a church missionary in Australia with just 3 months left to serve, Elder Weirich fell from a cliff and lived! It was the equivalent of falling from the top of a 23 story building. His survival miracle is an inspirational story that you won’t want to miss.

1050 West 1600 North in Orem

Utah County Single Adults sponsor two firesides a month, held on the 2nd and 4th Sunday unless otherwise posted. Each fireside is followed by an opportunity to mingle and enjoy light refreshments. Mid-Single Adults age 31-45 are welcome. As with all UCSA activities, church standards of dress and behavior apply.


OREM Class

Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm
Mountain View High Seminary Bldg.
725 W. Center, Orem

Weekly religion classes  taught by Judd Hixson.


The American Fork class is on break for the summer and will resume classes again on the first Thursday of September.

Held weekly on Thursdays at 7 pm (starting again on September 5) at the Latter-day Saints church building on 396 N County Blvd
(1100 East) which is south of the Mount Timpanogos Temple and north of the AF Hospital. Enter from the East door, the RS room is on the right.

Taught by Herschel Pederson and Terrel Kofed, with various gospel topics each week. Sponsored by A.F. East Stake.


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