attendance at any UCSA conference ACTIVITY OR event requires your compliance with these policies.

This Single Adult Conference is sponsored by the Utah County Single Adult Committee which represents multiple stakes and local units of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

We want all attendees to enjoy themselves and have a great experience. This objective requires all participants to adhere to the policies and doctrines of the Church in terms of language, dress and behavior. Violations of these policies can result in attendance restrictions or other sanctions against those involved at the discretion of UCSA Conference officials and Church leaders. Anyone asked to leave Conference events for violation of any of these policies will not  receive a refund of any amounts paid.

Therefore the following policies must be observed and will govern all events and activities of the Conference:

SINGLES ONLY: The Conference is for legally single adults ONLY. All divorces must be legally final. Being legally separated is NOT sufficient.


Participants must observe Church standards of behavior, dress, and language and observe the Word of Wisdom at all times while participating in Conference events.


AGE: The conference is intended primarily for Single Adults age 46 and over. Single Adults age 31 and over are welcome and encouraged to attend. You must be at least 31 years old to attend.


SERVICES: The Conference does not provide services for attendees such as lodging, childcare, transportation, special dietary considerations (vegetarian, etc.), Food other than the meals advertised, or medical services. Participants need to make their own arrangements for these and related needs.


PHOTOS: Your attendance acknowledges consent that any photos taken as authorized by the UCSA may be used for publicity purposes, without identification of the persons photographed.